January 24, 2007

It's all about the WHITE stuff!

I had mentioned that this blog would soon be all about the white stuff.

So here it is.

This is the wonderful view I had while driving in to work on Monday morning. It seems that the East side of town got a lot more of the white stuff. These are the only pictures I was able to get of the mountains before the clouds rolled back in.

As you can see the road was pretty empty. A lot of people stayed home. There were a few bridges still closed when I was driving in but after a few detours I was finally able to get on the other side of town.

I really wish that I was able to enjoy the snow more than just having a casual glimpse as I drove myself to work. Maybe five years from now when it snows again, I will actually get to stay home and enjoy it. :)


  1. Oh Wow! Beautiful view and beautiful pictures!!!

  2. Those are great pictures! Beautiful!

  3. wow! love your photographs...even though i have seen my share of snow. teehee ;>

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