June 27, 2015

Nature's beauty

The amazing thing is that no editing was needed. These flowers are fluorescent pink all on their own.

The amazing thing is that no editing was needed. 
These flowers are fluorescent pink all on their own.

June 23, 2015

Hello, 21st century!

I must admit, I have been slacking on the index card-a-day challenge. You see, there's this thing called vacation. And to be honest, I don't even really know what day of the week it is. 

The husband and I took last week off from work. We had big plans to finish the DIY project that we started in the bathroom. Well, he went back to work Sunday (I went back Monday) and we never even once opened the bathroom door to see what needed to be done. 

Every day this past week (except for Saturday, I refused to even step foot outside the door on Saturday) we drove around town in the 109+ daily record-breaking heatwave. Every day in a car with no Air Conditioning. Arriving home drained and without the energy to do more than just veg in front of the television. 

Although, we had to deal with the high temps, the destinations made it all worth it. Why is that, you ask? Well let me tell you. 

The husband and I have finally joined the 21st century! We went to the store for one thing and came home with iPhones. Not only are these phones "smart" but they can text too! Up to now I have only had a dumb phone and the husband had none so texting each other is a completely new concept for us.

We also went to see Jurassic World. It's been way too long since I have seen a movie in an actual theatre. I liked it. I was surprised at how few people were there to watch it though. There were probably less than 30 people there. I remember when we saw the first Jurassic Park in the theatre many many years ago. The theatre was so packed that we couldn't all sit together and the husband and I ended up sitting in the very front row. It really was a much different time back then. 

June 14, 2015

icad 2015 :: Index card No. 2

I finally got some time to photograph my latest index cards. I told myself that this year I was going to share ALL of the index cards that I create and not just some of them as I have in previous years. If I am going to make that goal, I guess I had better get busy sharing those cards.

For my second index card I did a quick wonky doodle. It makes me cross-eyed just looking at it. It's neat how just a few stripes can make such a trippy pattern. For supplies I just used a black pen. Pentel EnerGel liquid gel pen to be exact.

icad 2015 :: Index card No. 2

Please pardon my dust

I have been wanting to update my blog template for quite awhile now, years actually, but I haven't had the time to devote to it. Tonight, I quickly wanted to check to see how a custom template would look so I did a quick backup of my blog template. 

I usually copy and save the blog HTML and use that as my backup, but this time I made the mistake of using the Full Template Backup that Blogger provides. Big. Mistake. I lost it all! All my widgets and special coding. Ugh! I have no idea all that I have lost because I have been adding and updating the same template for years!

So, you may end up seeing weird things happening on the blog over the next few days. 

Note to self: NEVER EVER use Bloggers full template backup!

June 8, 2015

icad 2015 :: Index card No. 1

I am really getting a late start on sharing my index cards for this year's Index card-a-day challenge.

I don't usually follow the ICAD prompts so I really hadn't paid any attention to them this year. Last week, when I was looking through the ICAD Facebook group I started to see a lot of owls. My first card this year has owls. Apparently, I end up following the prompts without even trying or I just have way too many owl stamps. I even did an owl card during my first Index card-a-day challenge back in 2012.

For this index card I used rubber stamps, stencils, Distress ink, Stickles and Modge Podge. I find that my stamped images are never dark enough whenever I use black ink so I usually have to use an ink pen over any stamped images that I do.

What I learned: The new pen that I bought during last year's ICAD smears when using Modge Podge. At first, I was a bit disappointed but now when I look at it, I kind of like the effect.

icad 2015 :: index card no. 1

May 26, 2015

ICAD is coming!

Next week it will be June. How is that even possible? I am still uploading February photos to Instagram. Yep, I am THAT behind.

With the coming of June comes the start of the Daisy Yellow Index-card-a-day challenge. This will be my 4th year participating in the challenge.

Lately, it seems that ICAD has become the only time of the year when I get to do something creative every day. I am really looking forward to June getting here.

Will you be joining in on the fun this year?

Index card a day No. 7
icad 2012 :: index card no. 7

Index card a day No. 16
icad 2012 :: index card no. 16

icad 2013 :: index card no. 1
icad 2013 :: index card no. 1

icad 2014 :: Index card a day No. 2
icad 2014 :: index card no. 2

icad 2014 :: Index card a day No. 10
icad 2014 :: index card no. 10

If you would like to see all of my past index cards, you can click here

To read more about the challenge, click on the ICAD badge below.


April 30, 2015

Z is for Zoo

The Sonoran Desert Museum is a world-renowned zoo, a natural history museum and a botanical garden. The Museum's main focus is on the plants and animals that live in the Sonoran Desert.

It really is a wonderful thing to have such a place available. It gives everyone the opportunity to experience the plants and animals of the Sonoran Desert up close and personal and not just in pictures.

Tucson Snowstorm in Saguaro National Park
Photo by Karen  McCrorey

Photo by


Y is for Yuma

The Yuma Desert is a lower-elevation section of the Sonoran Desert. This area of the desert contains sparse vegetation and has sand dunes. With an average rainfall less than 8 inches each year, it is among the harshest deserts in North America.

Many of you have probably seen this part of the Sonoran Desert but probably didn't realize it. If the sand dunes look a little familiar to you, that may be because the movie Return of the Jedi was filmed there.

Dunes Near Yuma
Photo by Erik Halfacre


X is for eXtreme climate

The Sonoran Desert is a land of eXtreme climate.

The Sonoran Desert doesn't have the typical 4 seasons that everyone else is used to. People who live here like to joke that it only has 2 seasons. Hot and hotter!

It does get quite hot in the Sonoran Desert, especially in the Summer. Temperatures during the Summer can soar way above 100 degrees for multiple days in a row.

And sometimes during the Winter, it snows.

Picacho Peak Poppys
Photo by Dave Smith

Photo by BongoInc

Monsoon ~ rainy and hot
Monsoon Over The Superstitions
Photo by Matt Granz

Saguaro Cactus Standing in the Snow
      Photo by Karen McCrorey


W is for Water

When you think of the desert, the first thing that usually comes to mind, is that the desert is not a place with an overabundance of water. But, did you know that the Sonoran Desert is actually half marine?

The Sea of Cortez, also known as the Gulf of California, is where the Sonoran Desert meets the ocean. Jacques Cousteau once called it the "Aquarium of the World."

Baja Colors
Photo by Jamie Friedland

  Crown of Thorns Starfish                                                                                                                 Photo by Ashley Hauck

Flying Mobula                                                                                                          Photo by Antoni Murcia/MantaWatch
Sun Star
                                                     Photo by Tina Thompson

Sea of Cortez 2013
Dolphins                                                                                         Photo by Cal Alumni Association


V is for Views

The Sonoran Desert has the most beautiful of views.

Sonoran Desert
Photo by MarvHansen

An Audience of Saguaro
Photo by Kevin Wixted

Photo by


April 29, 2015

U is for Underground

Many animals in the Sonoran Desert spend most of their life Underground.

In the summer when temperatures soar, these animals burrow Underground to escape the heat of the day and come out only at night when the surface temperatures have cooled. Kit Foxes, Kangaroo Rats, Ground Squirrels, Ringtails, Tarantula, Tortoises, Gila Monsters, Horny Toads and Snakes are just some of the animals that live this nocturnal lifestyle in the Underground world of the Sonoran Desert.

cautious critter
Photo by Kate

Tortoise Hatchling
Photo by Dianne White

The Bachlor life is over for this year young males.
Photo by Desert Argonaut


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