October 3, 2008


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I think that I really like working on Fridays.

The office is much quieter from all the people that call in sick.

Every Friday.

But especially on payday Friday.

I know that others do not like it since it makes more work for them but for me the day seems a bit more relaxed. It could also be because I save the most interesting work for Fridays. That way I don't fall asleep............

Talking about falling asleep. I read soooooooooo much at work that sometimes it really is hard to concentrate. I get sleepy the moment I sit down. I don't like it and I am looking for ways to keep me awake during the day. Coffee doesn't really seem to help.

I guess I could try to get more sleep at night but I am finding that to be hard for me to do. I guess I need ideas on how to get myself to bed earlier because just actually going to bed earlier never seems to happen. I always seem to push myself to stay up later. I just don't seem to realize the time and how late it is.

Like right now.....I am exhausted but am I going to bed? No. I am on the computer and while I am on the computer I have been telling myself that I want to get off the computer to read a book. But I have not actually started to read a book because I feel too tired to start. So I just sit here at the computer. It is a sad endless cycle.

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