December 5, 2008 be as carefree as a cat

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How nice that would be.

Each day I am so tired. How will I ever find the time (and energy) to get ready for Christmas? Well maybe I could find the time but where will I find that energy? Why must everything be so jammed packed at the end of the year?

Work is work. Nothing has changed there. I still need to sign up for my classes. I really need to do that. I wonder when I will.

The husband decorated the outside with pretty Christmas lights. It is the first year that we have been able to decorate the outside. This weekend we will hopefully decorate the inside. I just need to figure out where to put the furniture so that we can put out the tree.

This Christmas we hope to have our parents over for a special Christmas dinner. I guess I will need to clean my house or something. ;)

I have been trying to upload my photos for my new 365 project. I am SO behind. Months behind. To be is not as much fun as the self-portrait project. Although I really do like taking pictures of other things. I really do need to upload them quickly but at the speed I am going I may be uploading my Christmas pictures come this February.

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