October 31, 2011

31 days of clouds :: day 31

We often praise the evening clouds,
And tints so gay and bold,
But seldom think upon our God,
Who tinged these clouds with gold.
~Walter Scott


Whew! I cannot believe that this project (and the month of October) is over. It feels like it all just started. I am very surprised that I made it through to the end. October was not a cloudy month at all.  Probably about 75% of the month was cloudless. Maybe that is why I like clouds so much, I never really get to see them.

The above photo is totally unedited. Isn't that sky amazing? It was so beautiful. I don't remember ever seeing such a gorgeous sky.

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  1. Congratulations! I have enjoyed watching your clouds each day.

  2. A perfect finish to the month. Well done for continuing till the end.

  3. Congratulations! I'm on Day 9 of my own 31 day journey. I enjoyed watching yours unfold.

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