February 23, 2012

Not a joiner

It looks like knitting on the Saroyan has stopped. 

You see, I came across a knot. I have spent over a week trying to join together the yarn so that I could continue knitting. So far nothing works.

Malabrigo Silky Merino is a single ply yarn so I am unable to use a braided join.

I tried a Russian join but could not get it to secure. It just slips apart. This yarn is like taking a cotton ball, pulling it apart, and then trying to stick a needle through the middle. Add in a bit of silk and you have quite a slippery combination. There really isn't a "center" in this yarn.

Knotting the yarn will be my next try but I am not too confident that it will work. Plus, there is the whole idea of having a knot right in the middle of my knitting.

I have never been so disappointed in a project before. Actually, I am not so much disappointed in the actual project but more disappointed in myself.  Mom's birthday is tomorrow and there is no way this will be done by then.

I can't be the only one that has had trouble with this yarn. People use it every day and I know the Russian join has worked great for them. I have watched every video and read every online tutorial I could find and I still cannot complete what is considered a simple join with this particular yarn.

So here I am.....whining. Big time!

I hope that as soon as I post this complaint, I will magically come up with a join that will work with this yarn. Keep your fingers crossed for me, okay?



Don said...
There isn't a way to unknot it without having to go through these trials?

Friar Don, OBR
Don said...
(PS, your comments break frames!! Please go to http://www.exposeyourblog.com/phpBB3 to learn how to fix that!)
Anji said...
I hope that someone sees this post and helps you out. What about working with double thread to merge the old and the new together?
stefani said...
The knot in the yarn has been removed. The hassle now comes with trying to attach two ends without using a knot.

PS - the breaking frames issue should be fixed. Let me know if it is still a problem.
stefani said...
I hope to eventually find something that works. This yarn is so thin and slippery.
Alissa said...
i know you said you fixed this, but what about a felted join?
stefani said...
Hi Alissa,

I had thought about a felted join but when I asked around the info that I got was that a felted join would not be good for this particular yarn due to its silk content. So I didn't even try it.

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