March 18, 2014

Spring is here!

After one of the warmest Winters on record, Spring has arrived!

Technically, Spring isn't until March 20th, but the Desert has never been one to follow the rules. Spring actually started arriving last month, in February, and every day there is something new to look at. I love seeing all the green! It's all so pretty. I will have to make some time to get out and look around because soon, it will be too hot and nothing will be looking very pretty around here.

Spring is here!

Daisy weed

Green green leaves

More Spring

How is the weather where you are? Has Spring arrived?


  1. Spring has arrived here in Lyon, France. The cherry tree is in blossom, the primroses are covering the grass and the daffodils and irises are standing tall in the flower beds. I just hope it lasts !! A xx

  2. Oh my. That flower looks pretty and perfectly round in shape. Where I live green is all year round. It is already summer for us and occasional summer rains which I love!
    I loved all the pics.

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