March 18, 2016

Currently March

Those eyes! ❤️

Looking... for a friend for Olive. I really don't like for her to be alone all day while we are at work. Before I got her, I knew that if I was going to get a kitten that I wanted to get two. But at the back of my mind I wonder, TWO kittens?!? Can I do this? Am I too old for this? I know that the plan is to get one a bit older than a baby kitten, but not a cat over a year old.

Playing... Neko Atsume. Can you really call it playing though? Basically, I feed the cats and buy them things. They may or may not come to visit. You know, just like the real thing. Just without the litter box.

Wondering... why when I share video on Instagram it looks so terrible? I have all this video that I am taking and some I really want to share. But, I don't. Because Instagram makes it look crappy.

Watching... LOST, again. I used to be such a huge fan. I only ever saw the final episode once, back when it first aired. So, I don't really recall all that happened. Just that it was a big disappointment. I kind of expect I'll feel the same way once I have completed binge watching the entire series on Netflix.

Needing... to make room on the computer so that I can do my taxes. I have no room to install anything and I don't think that I can put that To Do item off for very much longer.

Updating... the Blog template. It's about time. It's been years. Goodbye 2011! Hello 2016! It's still a work in progress though. I need to change some things (like a new header) and add back some things that I accidentally deleted. I REALLY should not update things at 1 AM!

How's your March going?


  1. Years ago when I had a cat I got him a companion and from they day they became adults they hated each other, lol. So she might just be happy as an only cat, some love it, some love company.
    That game looks like a lot of fun :)

    1. Lynne, that is one of the things I worry about. What if she gets jealous and doesn't like us anymore? LOL! At the shelter, she was kept in a larger enclosure with multiple other cats, so that gives me hope that she likes other cats. I just need to find the right one is all.

      We went to 2 shelter locations this past weekend and there were zero cats available. So, it may be awhile until we find one.

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