August 24, 2004

another day..............which just happens to be Tuesday.

Another day, another dollar. Today I am doing the work of 4 people. Hopefully I will not get too overwhelmed. So far so good.

The weather outside looks like Christmas - I wonder if I will get a present today. It will barely be 90 degrees today. I bet that tomorrow we will be back over 100 again.

How frustrating when all the tools I need to do my job are not working! Urgh!

Last night we watched the movie Cold Mountain. It was very long. I liked it but of course B found it boring. I am surprised he did not fall asleep as he usually does during movies that interest him. We have 2 other movies we need to watch - hopefully we will do that soon so I can send them back to Netflix and get something new.

Tonight B will be cooking a fancy meal. That means there will be lots of dirty dishes and as a typical male he does not understand why I do not like him to make his fancy dinners. He makes the biggest messes that I then have to clean up. I told him bargain meals are better. They cost less money and use less dishes. Oh and he wants to take pictures of the fished courses - yes courses! I guess they will go in the file where I put his picture of the turkey he cooked for last Thanksgiving.

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