August 30, 2004

I'm back

All weekend I would start to send in an update but got distracted. I did not do anything too interesting this past weekend. My past 3 days off of work were wonderful (even though I do nothing) and I am really looking forward to having a 4 day weekend coming up since I have Labor Day off. Maybe I can scrapbook and get finished with the year 2003 and start on 2004!

Work was going okay until the powers that be decided to throw a wrench into the works. I do email support that means I do everything by email or online and do NOT call the customer (unless it is a callback for the Office of the President). Well one of the departments I work on is tech support by email. Today they have changed this to calling the customer back. And before where we had 24-48 hours to respond we now have to respond within 30 minutes. This is not possible with 2 full timers and a part timer when we have 100's of email requests to get thru daily in our other departments. What cracks me up is that my company has done this same exact thing (callbacks) in the past and it failed and now they are trying it again. That is how it usually goes here. We just keep going back to the other stuff and then getting rid of it and then going back to it.

I think I am getting tired of this template but I cannot find one I like better. Well I did but did not have money to buy it. Well back to the grind.

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