October 25, 2005

Knitting Sucks!!!

So how is that for a title?

I have been in lala knitting land and my goal was to post with my wonderful progress and have everyone “ohh” and “aww” but that will NOT be happening!!!! I am so upset that knitting may be put on the backburner for now. I was doing so well and then I dropped a few stitches. Dropped stitches no problem you say? Well I dropped 4 and they are not in the middle of my work but the first 4 stitches in a new row. Poor B just watched me calmly (weird for me I know) put my work back in the bag and just sit and pout. I guess I shocked him that I did not throw a fit. I just told him I was not good enough to fix what I did and I guess it does make me feel good that – that made him a bit sad. I thought I caught them so I tried to fix them last night and now it is even worse. I am not good enough yet to fix them myself and I am so sad that I have to start this ENTIRE project over. I cannot even figure out how to just go back a few rows (which I have done before) as my stitches are stockinette and I can’t figure it out! The stitches I dropped were garter. Is it possible to fix the first stitches of a new row? If so how? Please help.

On a good note…..my carpooler will soon be history!!!! Yay! More of that to come later. I promise.

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