October 25, 2005

Okay. So now what?

So here is where I am with my project. This first photo is what I ended up with when by a freak of nature 4 stitches fell off the needle at the beginning of a new row. I tried to fix them and got this. You can see the individual stitches but what the heck is that long piece there all by itself?

So I followed some advice from the knitty board (thank you ladies) and watched a video on how to put the stitches back on my needle. Easy enough but I still had that weird long piece of yarn. So I got my crochet hook and acted like it was a rung from a dropped stitch. So far so good and I decided to start my new row. But if you look closely this is what I have now. The distance between the stitches on this row compared to all my previous rows is WAY off. Do you think it will tighten up as I work it? Am I being anal to be worried about this little 'wonk' in my fabric? This part that I am knitting is the sleeve so it is something that I will see but not too much as I do have to stitch this area together. So from what you can tell in these pics....am I good to go? Do I try and start the row over or just continue on?


  1. I'd say you are good to go. As a crochter who also knits, fixing mistakes is still the hardest part about knitting for me.

  2. Thank you Vera. That is one thing I find hard about knitting. When I crochet I can figure out how to fix it. Nice and simple. It is quite different on how to fix something that is knitted.

    I think I may just let that space between the rows sit with me until tomorrow and then get started up on knitting it again.

    Thanks again.

  3. I know it's not the same but in crochet I just pull out a few rows and start them over. Surely there must be info somewhere on how to do that for knitting? I hope you can calmly decide what will be best for you to do. I know it's frustrating. I have sent many projects flying across the room. Good luck!

  4. Thanks R.

    It is frustrating. When I crochet I have never cared if I messed up. But this knitting just really stresses me out. LOL! I think once I get used to how the stitches are constructed I will do much better.

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