May 10, 2006

Code: Heir Apparent

Do you love LOST?

Did you notice how many times they played the Hanso Foundation (fake) commercial last night on ABC? I saw it a few times and noticed they had a different link.

Click the squares. Notice the amount of times you need to click? Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Okay. So now I have the code. I end up going to the Bios at the Hanso Foundation. The only difference I notice is that when I click on the bio for Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk there is an empty box there that I can type into. Nothing I type works. So I Google "Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk" and low and behold I come across this site.

So I start reading and I see that they talk about the bubble under this guy's bio and they typed in what I did but they actually got
something. At least I was on the right track. I so smart! LOL!

Reading further....Okay...According to this site my clock should say Obey. My clock does not say obey. Oh wait....I just read the info on that COMPLETELY this time. Duh. LOL! I need to change the numbers on my clock. Okay...I so NOT smart. LOL!

I don’t think I am smart enough to figure out all the weirdness but this site is giving me interesting info so I guess I better get started reading.

I also find that Wikepedia has awesome information for getting me up to date on all the weirdness.

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  1. Stef you're starting to scare me LOL j/k. Lots of fun info to browse in my downtime :)

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