September 1, 2007

It is starting to feel like home

Sunday, B's parents will be coming over for dinner.

So, today I finally put out the knick-knacks and photo frames. We have been here a month, so it was about time that I made the place a bit more homey. I am not finished, but it will do for now. At least the shelves are no longer bare and the pile they were in is gone. I hope to get more decorating and some cleaning done tomorrow before our guests arrive.

B has been working the past few days on making homemade sauce and other goodies. It really has smelled quite yummy in here. I can’t wait to see it all put together. Forget see, I can’t wait to eat it! I am so excited that we finally have room to entertain. I really do love our new place!

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  1. So glad you're in a home you love! Have a great time and have a happy, safe Labor Day!

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