September 6, 2007

It's ALL about ME!

Back in July, I mentioned this little challenge.

Well I am proud to say that the challenge is going great. I guess I really do like myself so much that taking a picture a day is just my thing. LOL! Of course, I started in July, it is now September, and I have barely finished uploading my July pictures. As with everything else in my world, procrastination is rearing its ugly little head.

So, without further ado, here is a little snippet of me and my world from July. Enjoy.

If you would like to see them up close and personal you can visit my 365 Flickr set.


  1. Hey Stefani,

    Just stopping by to check out your blog! I love your self-portrait calendar - how cool! I love how you made it into a calendar like that with all the numbers - that will be fun to look back on in the future. Now I want to do one, but I hate looking at pictures of myself!

  2. How did you do the calendar? I think this is the perfect presentation!!! I've been wondering how I want to display/present my pics of the day. I really love this idea. Please share your secret!

  3. Thanks for the comments on the calendar.

    I really am enjoying taking this challenge. Some days though, I really don’t want to see what I look like. LOL! I think that is why it takes me so long to post the picture publicly. I really want to get over that feeling though.

    The calendar is actually made using Flickr. Not Flickr tools, but the actual Flickr website. Since I am participating in the 365 group at Flickr all my self-portrait photos are uploaded there. To make a calendar yourself (if you have Flickr) just log in to your account and go to your photos. Click on the “Archives” menu at the top. You will then get a listing of all your photos broken down by date taken/date uploaded. Click on the month you want to see and Viola! a calendar is born!

    Now having Flickr make the calendar is the easy part. The calendar will select on its own which photo it will show on the calendar. So if you have other photos you have uploaded to Flickr, they will show on the calendar too. To get around that and just have my 365 self-portraits show, I edited the “taken on” date on my other photos. This way, when I click to create the calendar, only my 365 portraits will appear. Then I saved the picture on my hard drive.

    The calendar on Flickr is pretty plain so I edited it and added the missing days and the month/year. I really like how it turned out and hope that the future months turn out this way as well.

  4. I adore this.
    I may have to become a flickr-girl yet after all :)

    Thanks for the instructions!!

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