July 3, 2007

A challenge you say?

Once upon a time, there was a girl who took too many pictures of herself. So….she joined a self-portrait group on Flickr. She never shared. She never even kept up with the challenges (I think there were challenges). So, nothing ever came of it (errr…..kind of like her photo-a-day challenge). Anywho……she finally decided to take the plunge and joined the 365 Days Self-portrait challenge. Although she was very leery of saying anything about it for fear that it would fall by the way-side like ALL the other challenges she chose to participate in (ummm…such as that challenge to NOT buy anymore scrapbook supplies until a specific page goal was reached- yeah that one NEVER even had a chance!).

So, even though it went against the girl’s better judgment, she decided to still let all you reading this know, that she has decided to participate.

~*~ She has joined the group.

~*~ She has taken the first photo (a quickie before running out the door).

~*~ She has decided that no matter what ~ she will post these photos for the world to see.

Now the hard part…..which one to pick.

So tell me….which one do you like best?


  1. I like the one with you facing forward. Good luck with the challenge! :-)

  2. I like them both!!!
    If I had to chose one, I think the one looking forward, your eyes are amazing!!!!

  3. They are both cool, but I love the one on the right the best.

  4. I think I like the one on the right too - it's a fun angle!

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