July 16, 2007


Today was another HOT HOT day. I cannot believe this heat! I feel so tired after just a few minutes outside. I think it was also humid so maybe that is what is doing me in. Tonight we had a nice bit of a storm. It started just as B and I were running out to run a quick errand. Big ‘ole drops of rain but only for a short while. It was gone by the time we got back home ~ maybe 10/15 minutes. Since we got wet the A/C in the car sure did feel good. :)

This afternoon I took my parents to the airport. They will be traveling the entire month of July. They just got back from one trip on Friday and will get back from this trip on Thursday. Then they leave again next week. I would LOVE to have so many places to be, although I have a feeling they will be pretty tired when they get back. I teased them by telling them they will be back just in time to help us move into our new place. ;) I am happy they are traveling though since I get to borrow my mom’s car while she is gone. Yay Me! LOL!

I do have some update news on my eBay scam. PayPal only guarantees $200 so that is all I am able to get back. This person gets to keep my $99 and that really bothers me. I have submitted a chargeback on my card but was told that since they will go after PayPal to get the money, that I probably will not get it back.

I have a very important meeting tomorrow that has been rescheduled 3 times now. I still have to fill out the paperwork. I don’t think punching out Basic Grey letters and tags should be what I am doing right now. Oops.

On another note. Cairo kitty is done taking all of her medicine. I think she is cured. I need to dig thru her litter box to find out and I am not looking forward to that at the moment. There is one thing that bothers me though. I think she may have some neurological issues from taking the medicine. Hopefully they will go away now that she is no longer on it. She is having problems with her balance.

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