July 27, 2007


Can I just say one thing?

Humidity sucks!!!

There, now that it’s out there I feel much better.

I am NOT used to humidity. The desert is supposed to be a dry heat. I thought I was going to just lose it today with the high humidity. I ran some errands and I was SO happy to have my Mom’s car and her super cool A/C. Too bad I could not just sit in the car all day. It was just an icky feeling day.

We were lucky to be able to move in a few things into the new place tonight. It was really nice having 2 cars. I packed up all my organized scrapping supplies and and then some. It had been threatening to rain all day and as I drove, I watched the lightning and the super dark grey wall of rain head my way. I thought it was going to be Stefani against the rain and I had a feeling that I was not going to win. Especially since, I had all of my scrapping goodies to unpack.

I got to the new place with no rain and even managed to unpack the car without a drop hitting. It was sure easier (and faster) to unpack the car then it was to pack it. Maybe the stairs and having to carry it out to the parking lot vs. parking RIGHT in front of the door (under the carport) and having the one-story had something to do with it. I managed to kind of organize it all before B showed up with a 2nd car load of stuff. I am going to miss having the 2nd car when we “really” get to moving this weekend. My parents return from their trip tomorrow so I have to leave in the middle of packing to pick them up at the airport and return their car to them. :(

I am so tired. I woke up so sore this morning and I hope that the same thing does not happen tomorrow. I still have so much left to pack. I want to try and make another run out to the new place before I have to jet to the airport. Hee hee! I said “jet!”

…oh and the rain? It didn’t even hit us.

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