July 7, 2007


I am enjoying participating in the 365-day photo challenge. I don’t know why it is so much easier for me to do this challenge than the 2peas challenge I tried to do in January. Maybe it is because I am just taking pictures of myself and don’t have to think so much. And the weird thing is…I LIKE taking pictures of myself.

It is rare that I get a photo of myself that I like, much less two or three. I have never been one to be comfortable in my own skin. To much baggage, I suppose, and not the kind people can see. In the past, I have looked at them very quickly and then put them away. But, to be truthful… these photos would usually be pulled out again in the future where they would do their work at either making me be sad or disgusted.

I have noticed something new about myself from looking at all the self-portraits that I have taken lately. Something that I have not realized before. Something that actually makes me feel good about myself in a weird sort of way.

I have wrinkles.

In particular, crow’s feet. I don’t know why that surprises me. I am getting up there in years (although my mind would tell you differently – oh and the breakouts that make me look like a teenager). I remember when I was in my first year of college and there was a girl my age with lots of wrinkles from being out in the sun. She looked so much older than I did. I thought that would never happen to me. I was young and never really went out into the sun. I never really did anything else to prevent them though. I was not too worried since they did not seem to be appearing as the years passed. So where did they come from? How did they sneak up on me so quickly? It is weird that I JUST noticed them this week. I SWEAR I did not have them before! LOL! I think wearing glasses all the time may have helped them sneak up on me. So what do I do now?


  1. Hi Stef!
    First, thanks for visiting my blog! My husband purchased the lamp at Joann. It's not an OTT but I love it! Also, you MUST try your templates! It's really fun and there are tons of ways to use them.
    Second, I am really enjoying your self-portraits and I have to say that it seems as though you are blossoming right before our eyes! I know what you mean about baggage and I commend your courage and confidence. Wrinkles just mean you smile a lot!

  2. Yah, what IS up with those magical wrinkles that showed up just in the last few weeks?! I noticed that in looking at my self portraits too! Very strange indeed...you think our camera flash had some effect?! hmmmm

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