December 12, 2007

* Foggy

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My drive this morning was quite interesting. The city was covered in fog so thick you could only see a car if it was right in front of you. Forget seeing any of the stop lights. I had no problems driving to school but let me tell you…those that drive in fog without any headlights are idiots! They were also the ones that were driving fast and changing lanes. Except for those idiots, traffic was not bad; I think it was the best driving day so far.

With all my school work, I have not been keeping up to date with all the holiday preparations. I did not plan on sending out any Christmas cards but the hubby started bugging me about them. He only wanted me to send out a couple so that is good. I decided to just send cards to a few family members and those that sent me one last year. Can I tell you that I mailed babies of this morning! I am so excited! I am so ahead of the game. I usually don’t send out our cards until the week before Christmas and I am sure everyone gets them a few days after the holiday. I may send out a handful more (like to friends) but I am not pushing it.

Our tree is decorated but the Christmas storage boxes are still out and the tree is looking a bit bare. Usually it is in a corner and we don’t decorate the back. This year, we have to decorate the entire thing. I think we need more ornaments.

Took two (2) tests yesterday, today…not so much. I had planned to complete a couple but only took one. Some of these sections are quite larger than I anticipated. I met with the instructor today and it appears that we will have to submit an extension in January. :(

So tell me, what do you think of this picture? I posted it to my stream but I guess no one likes it. :( I knew I should have picked that other picture.

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