July 9, 2008

At least it makes the day go by faster

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As I expected today was a pretty tiring and exhausting day. I would not have any other way though as I learned a lot.

Wednesdays are when the gal who was training me comes over and answers any questions I have etc. I guess I am doing well enough that she is now down to coming just 2 times a month instead of once a week. So since I have not seen her in awhile, I had a lot of stuff we had to cover. We also had to submit some stuff to the state so lots and lots to do today. Usually when she comes over it is only for a few hours so I try to jam pack everything into those few hours. Today was no exception. I usually don't take a break when she is there and we get started as soon as I arrive. I got there at 7am this morning and we did not stop until 1:30pm. I usually take my lunch at 11:30 so that should tell you how much I needed a break by the time we were finished. But like I said, I learn so much so it is all good.

I wanted to share my flower pictures today, but when I got home I just laid my head down for a minute and ended up taking a short nap.

Tomorrow will be another learning filled day. I get to go to a 4-hour training class in the afternoon. I get to meet all the other gals that do my job in this town. There are not that many. Less than 10 I believe. Once again I have a job position that is not shared with many others. I think that is kind of cool. :)

~ p.s. And even though today was up to 40% chance of rain, I still did not see a drop! :(

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