July 8, 2008

She who loves the rain, must live in the desert

I really had high hopes when the weather man said that this week would be the wettest week so far this year. I still had those high hopes when I got out of work and saw the clouds start to roll in. I got even more excited when I walked out of Best Buy and saw a super dark gray wall of clouds coming in from one direction and a sheet of rain coming from the other. I got home before a single drop fell and even though I saw lighting in those dark clouds I turned on the computer for a quick while. Then I cleaned up the back patio so that nothing would get blown around by the wind that I knew would come. Then I went to get the mail. I noticed that the neighbors had a red sunflower. I ran back inside and tried to fix my messed up camera and then ran back outside before the rain arrived and the light was gone. That done, I went over to a neighbor's to see the baby kitties. As I was taking some more pictures, it started to sprinkle. I hurried inside so that my camera would not get wet.

And you know what?

That was it! I don't know where that storm went! The entire sky was covered with gray clouds but no other rain fell. Talk about disappointed. Now just you wait, tomorrow it will rain when I am not ready for it and I will have to swim to my car like I did the last time.

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