April 15, 2009

A house hunting we will go

What is up with all the porno comments lately? Argh! I guess I better start thinking of some better content. LOL!

I have been trying to post for the last few days but so many issues have kept me away. My new laptop is making me a bit unhappy at the moment in that it has not been letting me access the Internets in the way I would like. Of course it could be the darn cable company that is causing my frustration. I have not yet decided which one to blame.

Today the hubs and I did something that we have never done. We have always planned to eventually buy a house (in the far off future) but with the first time home buyers credit expiring in December, my Dad has put the buzz in our ear. So today we went and looked at a little property that is for sale nearby. It is an older home and will need some work. Lots of pluses but also some minuses. The place is huge but the kitchen is so tiny you cannot even fit a fridge in it (it is in an adjoining room). It has been on the market for over 6 months but that may be because it sits just behind both a strip club and adult bookstore (now that should make for some interesting web searches), hence no street parking allowed at night. Well I think that is the reason. I would prefer a more move-in ready home and preferably one not so close to an adult entertainment establishment but we really want a place that is close to work. I did take my camera with me but since I cannot use my Canon on Vista 64 (stupid) I cannot share them. So here are some from the web.

The front of the house. Well you really cannot see it but look at all those trees!! How cool is that garbage can?

The kitchen. What you see is what you get. Yep. That's all of it. See...no room for a fridge. No room really for anything at all.

Oh wait...I got the camera to work. Found a hack online. I guess I really didn't take all that many photos. So here are a few unedited ones.
The house has tons of trees. I love them. Bry hates them. Lots of rose bushes and flowers. There are HUGE grapevines in the backyard and tons of mature trees. Then there is the scary attic opening in the garage. Creepy.


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