April 16, 2009

Taxes Smaxes

So did you get your taxes done?

I think this may be the first year since I have been married that I have completed (and filed) my taxes BEFORE the due date. It was so nice not to have to stress about getting them done in time for me to drive to the main post office at midnight. It had become a bit of a tradition with me. Nothing says getting your taxes done than driving to the only post office in town that is open and handing your sealed envelopes to the clerk on the street. This year, the 15th felt like any other day. Of course it is easier to feel that way now, especially since I no longer work for the company that makes the most popular tax software.

The other day I finally finished uploading my Project 365 photos for the month of January. Now that I can actually download photos from my camera onto my new computer maybe I can get even more caught up. I still have not scrapped any of them. I started to gather supplies for the first page but I soon got overwhelmed. I think I am thinking too much about making it perfect instead of just scrapping.

January 2009  [project 365]

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  1. I love your 265 days project-- those cats are beautiful.

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