January 9, 2011

2010: A year in yarn

I worked on quite a few yarny projects during the course of the year but only completed a total of 5 projects in 2010. I think that may be the most I have ever completed in a year.

The craftiness comes and goes, it is never constant. It takes me forever to complete a project and when I say forever I mostly mean never. I am really good at starting, finishing on the other hand ...eh not so good.

It all started with Herman. A cute fluffy baby blanket crocheted for a co-worker's baby shower. I love the softness of the yarn but it was a real pain to work with. I do have quite a bit left over so I am not yet ready to state that I will never work with this yarn again. But once it's gone....

March 12, 2010: Introducing Herman

For Christmas I knitted scarves for my nieces. I used the same pattern for each (just a simple garter stitch scarf with bulky yarn) but personalized them by using their favorite colors. Finding yarns in their favorite colors had me working with some yarns I had not used before. Not just the brand and type of yarn but the colors were new. Surprisingly for me, I actually loved working with the bright colors and my have to incorporate them in some future projects.

The Ravelry links with info on pattern & yarn for each are listed below:

Madi's Pretty in Pink

I think the smallness of the projects really helped in being able to finish so many this year. I didn't have a chance to get bored. It didn't hurt either that all items were gifts and had to be completed by a specific date.

My goal for 2011 is to actually finish a project that is just for me.


  1. Love your projects!! I'm hoping to jump back in and knit also. Not sure what my next project will be just yet...

  2. A project for yourself is a good idea. I usually find myself making things for other people.... and then wanting what I made too, but not having the energy to do it! haha!

    The scarves are beautiful! I need to try my hand at knitting...

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