March 2, 2011

Even more ripples

In honor of National Crochet Month, you get even more ripple goodness.

more {ripples}

even more {ripples}

I am still not sold on the colors, but they do look a bit better as the blanket grows larger.


  1. I love the colors! They all look wonderful together and the ripples are very pleasing :)

  2. I love the colours too. The ripple looks good.I didn't know you could do that with crochet. not that I know anything about crochet. My effort was squares...that were not so square. floppy squares ...

  3. The colours look very spring like. I like them together. I've never been able to do anything with crochet, except for ever increasing circles

    I visit your blog when I’m on on ExposeYourBlog!

  4. Thank you all. I am enjoying making this blanket and have a feeling more will be made in the future. The colors are growing on me as well. :-)

    The pattern is pretty easy and can be found here. She explains the steps quite well and even has pictures.

  5. I'm happy with the colors, but in the end all that really matters is that it's warm & comfy. Mission accomplished.

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