November 30, 2011


In the 7 years that I have had this blog I have not really written about Thanksgiving except maybe to complain share the bad. I don't know why I do that. It is the good memories/happy stuff that I want to remember, not the bad.

Starting now that is going to change.


This year, the husband and I spent Thanksgiving at my parents' house. It was a smaller crowd than usual, only 30 people and all of them family. Everyone showed up right on time, but something happened with the oven so the turkey was not completely cooked. So, we had to wait. 30 hungry people, waiting at least an extra hour for turkey. Luckily, the majority of the turkey was cooked, so enough edible pieces were able to be cut off and 30 hungry people were hungry no more.  

I am thankful for my family and the time that we can get together and visit. That extra hour gave us more time to catch up.


The day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday to most of you) the husband and I had our own Thanksgiving. Every year, usually a week or two after Thanksgiving, the husband will cook a turkey just for us. He really really really LOVES to cook and this way we are able to have our own leftovers. This year, he invited a co-worker, whose wife is deployed overseas, to join us for dinner. It was nice to share our own Thanksgiving dinner with someone other than just the two of us. All the food was very yummy and looked pretty too.

That husband of mine sure does know how to cook and for that I am thankful.

deviled eggs
The husband's deviled eggs

fruit cup
Fresh fruit cup. Yep, the husband made this too!


  1. I don't even eat deviled eggs ad those look GOOD! So nice of you to invite a spouse of a service member serving.

    And 30 people for thanksgiving - yikes!! ours is very low key as most of the family is in different states. It ends up being my myself, my mom and her husband... we eat... and then go to the casino!! ;-)

  2. @ Erika Jean - 30 is actually a small group for my family. When I was younger we had so many that every room had a table or too. It used to be a really tight squeeze. Sometimes I miss it. Everyone grew up and had their own kids and some moved out of state.

    My poor husband is still not used to my large family gatherings. It has always been just him, his brother and his parents. Holidays with the inlaws consists of only 4 people at the most. Very very different. :-)

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