January 8, 2013

2012: A year in photos

It's that time again. Time for my yearly year in photos post. I know I say this every year but looking through my photos from last year, I have to say I took practically no pictures what-so-ever. Which actually when I think about it kind of makes it easier to pick which ones are my favorites.

So here you go....some of my favorite photos from 2012. Thanks for looking.

Sunny Saroyan
I started knitting a special present for my Mom.

I bought a plant and it survived!

blue rose
I bought another plant and it did not.

backyard visitor
A special visitor showed up in our backyard.

It snowed in our freezer.

August sunset
Arizona sunsets are awesome!

poofy clouds
I saw a heart in amongst the clouds.

It's so squishy!
My cousin had a baby.

I won my first blog giveaway.

Merry Merry Christmas!
The husband sure knows how to decorate an awesome tree.

New Year's Eve...perfect time for a cat nap.
The end of the year...perfect time for a cat nap.

Good-bye 2012. Here's to taking a lot more photos in 2013!

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