May 23, 2014

I have jumped off the bandwagon...

...well, kind of.

I'm still doing the Games of Thrones Mystery Kal, but after seeing how the colors of the yarn were knitting up, I decided that the recommended yarn was just not going to work for this project.

I didn't want to give up on the project before it even began, so I started searching for a new color. I really wanted to use Madelinetosh, in particular this gorgeous Ember color that I found, but I wanted to shop local instead of ordering online. 

I decided to check out one of my favorite local yarn stores to see what they had. The last time I was there they had a ton of Madelinetosh. So I was pretty disappointed to find that the store was completely out of stock of any kind of Madelinetosh. 

They didn't have that much in the way of sock yarn either, but I was able to find some Malabrigo sock that I decided would work. I am glad I found something because I would have felt sad to leave that store empty handed.

So here it is week 3 of the knit-a-long and I just got started on Clue #1. Let me tell you something about this lace knitting stuff... I really like it. There is really only one bad thing about it at the moment and that is that the needle I am using is a bit dark against the yarn and so the stitches are a bit hard to see at times.

Even though, I still consider my Harmony needles to be new, I am really tempted to just buy some lighter wood colored interchangable tips in the size that I am using for this project. I need to buy a 40-inch cord anyway (the longest I have is only 32-inches), so I might as well buy both, right?

The start of my Game of Thrones MKAL

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