April 3, 2017

B is for Blogging

When I first started blogging back in 2004, it was so very different than it is today.

Back then, I was coming from a Geocities website where I posted pictures and updates for family. Geocities ended, so I created a blog to post those same type of updates and also to use as an online journal for me to remember things.

I wrote about anything and basically just threw my thoughts out there into the World Wide Web. I posted whenever I wanted to. Even multiple times a day. I complained a lot. I had conversations through the comments. I joined Blog Exchanges, where you visit blogs for a set time to earn views for your own blog. I liked the exchanges. I found a lot of different kinds of blogs to read and some of them are still around.

I didn't really worry about what I posted. No one got offended back then. But also, not that many people who actually knew me were reading my blog, so I felt I was "safe" when it came to what I posted.

Over the years my posts became less chit chat, less complaining and more posting of just stuff. Stuff that wasn't as personal as it once was. Stuff that was "safe". Some days, I wish I had kept my blog anonymous so that I could just post what I was really feeling that day.

Below is a screenshot of my very first blog post.

When did you first start blogging?


  1. Nice first post. I didn't start blogging until 2014, I was late to the party.

  2. Ahh, a trip down memory lane. I didn't use Geocities but I did write web content for some of the early portal sites (Bellaonline.com, Suite101.com, Miningco.com - now About.com).

    My first official blog was started in 2006 as a widow, contemplating selling everything and becoming a full-time RVer. Over the years since, I've had a lot of blogs. Most have been combined into one (missing photos and all) so now I have two. My personal blog and my author blog.

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  3. I started in May 2003. It's strange to go back over the old posts. I think I was a better writer back then. There were no such things as archives, comments and widgets back then so I learnt a little HTML. I've just been looking at my blogroll; so many blogs haven't been updated for years! A lot of my blogging friend post everything to facebook nowadays.

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