June 10, 2005

...and now for the giant fuzz ball

This is my Homespun shawl. Finally a picture! I am almost finished with it but it is really hard to see how large it is. I am thinking I may add one more round just to be on the safe side. I started out knitting it on straight needles but switched over to circulars. I am really liking the circulars. :-)

One of my biggest fears with knitting or even crocheting a wearable is that it won't fit. Maybe that is why I have not finished it yet. There are so many patterns I want to make but they are just not my size. I need to learn how to adapt them but since I am a beginner I have not gotten that far. I think it is a good thing I took a photo of the shawl as now I can really see the pattern for myself. It actually does not look as bad as I was originally thinking it did.

Tomorrow is going to be a super busy day for me but I am hoping to visit the new yarn store in town. I went to Target and finally found a large plastic tub with a locking top for me to put my yarn into. I do not believe I have a 'stash' as I only buy yarn for specific projects. I am fearing though that I will actually see that I have more yarn than I thought.......actually fearing that hubby will see that I have more yarn than I thought!

For those of you that buy yarn - just to buy and with no particular pattern in mind. How do you know how much yarn to buy? How much do you usually buy? A couple of skeins or more? I am interested to see how others buy their yarn when they don't have a project in mind.

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