June 20, 2005

A night at the ballpark

On Friday night B and I went to the baseball game. Hubby's boss has season sky box tickets. B does not really care for sports but wanted to go and experience the skybox. I like baseball but also wanted to sit where the rich people sit. :-)

This trip to the ballpark was quite different for me. I have been many times before and I have sat in many different sections. This time we never even stepped foot on the concourse. As soon as we entered the park we took a sharp turn and went up the back stairs that took us to the skybox suites. We entered the air-conditioned room and helped ourselves to some free food. After eating we went outside to watch the game.

After the game there was a man working on breaking a world record with hitting the most golf balls in three minutes. I have never seen anyone swing their arm/shoulder so fast! It was also fireworks night and I am a sucker for fireworks. B used to set them off at the country club every 4th of July. He does not do that anymore and I really miss it. There is nothing like sitting right below a fireworks display. Just don't wear anything you would not mind getting burned. I got to play with the digital and take photos of the fireworks. I like them but I think I almost prefer my film camera for fireworks shots. I really need to get caught up on my scrapping so I can start scrapping these current pics.

Photos (clockwise): B eating (free food always takes the best); Our view of the field from the sky box; Me (gotta teach hubby to take better photos); The view of the rest of the sky boxes from our sky box.

And here are some more fireworks shots.


  1. looks to me like the fireworks shots came out perfect. It sounds like you have a wonderful evening!

  2. Thanks Rachel. I think I am liking them much more now. Even though it was hot that late at the ballpark we still had a nice time being out of the house.

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