June 14, 2005

Car-pooling Shmooling! Part II

All day yesterday I never saw the guy that was supposed to carpool with me. I did run into one of his supervisors who told me that he thought the guy was here but actually was supposed to have the day off. Finding out that he had planned to have the day off really bugged me as he made a big deal about the carpool (Stef's taxi service) starting on Monday.

This just added to what turned out to be a Monday. I was late to work. I had an interview (I so hate those) that I know I bombed. I had no money, no debit card so I had no breakfast or lunch. Oh wait....lunch was 2 big glasses of ice tea and a bag of microwave popcorn that I had to guard because everyone came over to eat it. Since there was no point in clocking out for an hour lunch just for a bag of popcorn, I left work early a little after 4pm.

I had wanted to stop by the new yarn store but they close at 5pm. I wanted to have money on hand first so I drove home and then back to the store. I got there about 4:45pm. I am so happy to have such a nice little store so close to my house. The owner is the nicest lady and gave me the layout of the store and some other info. The prices are what I have seen at other small shops but the sticker shock still gets to me. I did not have any of my patterns so I just looked around. I was excited to see some of these yarns as I had only seen them online. It was nice to see them in person.

I had planned to come straight back home but B wanted beer so off to the grocery store I went. It was hot!!! Our Honda had the air go out so I was driving around with the windows down and wearing my interview clothes. By the time I got home I was dying and had to jump into the shower to cool off. We had a nice quiet night watching Hell's Kitchen. Since B used to be a chef he is really into watching this show. I think it is funny and cute that he has a show that he wants to watch regularly. He gave up box seats at the ball game to watch this show. Heck! Who am I kidding the guy hates sports so giving up the box seats was no big deal. *Ü*

And now on to part II of my carpooling (Stef's taxi service) story (it is about time right?).....

This morning I waited in my car until 7:40. The guy did not show up. I left. If I do see him today I will tell him that this is just not going to work out. I will try not to be my usual self and stress about it.

Thank you to all that commented on my previous post.

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