September 8, 2005


I have decided it is about time to start using my Ipod shuffle. I still have not taken it out of the box as I don’t have Windows XP at home and will have to do it at work. I have come across a few songs lately that I think I will have to add. One is “Tired of Being Sorry” by Ringside. I love this song and can listen to it all day. I went to their website and was surprised to find this song started playing right away (the entire song too – not the chopped versions they seem to play on the local radio stations). I even downloaded the mp3. There is also another song that plays on their website “Strangerman” that it also good. I think I may be buying the entire album very soon. I wonder how much I can play the songs from their website before it drives my co-workers crazy.

Another song that I have heard recently that I like is “Dirty Little Secret” by All-American Rejects. Can someone say “gorgeous blue eyes”? I have rarely seen that shade of blue on a man before (and I go ga-ga every time I do). I came across the end of the video the other night and in front of DH said “he (the lead singer) sure does have the most gorgeous blue eyes” Oops. DH had no comment. LOL! It is good looking guys like this that make me feel old!

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