December 17, 2006

My first altered project

On Friday night when I cropped with the Divas I worked on some altered composition books to give out as gifts this Christmas.

This was my first time altering and it took me awhile to get the groove on but I think I managed to do an okay job. I ended up making two of them that night. I will definately be making more of these. Actually there is one more I want to make for a Christmas gift so I better get crackin'!

For these journals I used My Mind's Eye (MME) products. I found that if I used the paper and embellishments that actually go together that the process went much smoother for me.

I still need to figure out which adhesive would be the best to use. I used a Tomob Mono but I practically used the entire thing on these two journals and if I make more of these then it will start to get pretty expensive. For those of you that alter alot....what adesive do you find works the best?

Here are the two that I finished that will be going to my nieces. I just have to put their names on the plaque at the bottom right. When I made them I had a certain girl in mind but let B choose who got what. How weird is it that we chose them to go to the same girl?


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