April 24, 2007


Last Saturday night, B and I went to see the band Tesla in concert. They were playing at the county fair and B really wanted to go. It was a great show! We were pretty close to the stage and probably could have gotten closer. The only pictures that turned out were the ones that B took since he was able to hold the camera above most of the heads of the people in front of us.

All I have to say is that anyone over 6.6 feet really should not be up front at a concert ~ well unless I know you. LOL! The guy in question is the one in the white hat at the right side of the picture. You can see the top of the girl’s head that was in front of me. We were probably the same in height ~ so you can see that it was hard to see around this guy.

This was my first time at the county fair. After the concert, we walked around a bit looking at all the things for sale. It was pretty cold and our feet hurt so it was wonderful to finally trek back across the huge parking area to our car. In fact, my feet still hurt today ~ 2 days later!

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