April 20, 2007

Well...the car is back

Today we went to pick up our car from the shop that was fixing the accident damage. I must say I am not really happy with the place.

When I first went to drop off the car, I was really pleased with how I was treated. My mom had taken her car in to this place and so did B when we had the bumper replaced.

We got to the shop today and they had us pay immediately before showing us the car. Then we waited. We waited until we were told that the guy who tinted the windows had taken off with our car key but that he was not far away. Since they told us that the guy was not far away and the rental car needed gas before being returned, I told B that I would head out and by the time I got gas and got to the rental agency, I would not have to wait too long for him to pick me up. Boy were we wrong! Seems the guy with our key was much further away than what we were told. After waiting one hour, I called the shop to find out that B was still there and the guy STILL had NOT shown up. When the guy did show up he did not even have the decency to come in to bring B the key. He dropped it off with someone else. No apologies from anyone! In total what should have been a quick trip ended up taking a little over 2 hours!

When I finally got to see the car, I was very disappointed. The door is still dented and the paint is all sloppy (it dried in long drips) down the side of the car. Right after we paid our bill the gal at the front desk was trying to get us to go to a website to leave feedback about our visit. Yep! We are going to sure leave them some feedback!!

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  1. Ok, next time, go to Factory Paint & Body on Dodge. They are awesome! While your car is being repaired, they give you an id number to use on the website to monitor the progress! We took our Infiniti there and they did an outstanding job and were so friendly and caring. On to the Giga punch you asked about on my blog. They're made by Marvy Uchida and they are just huge paper punches. The scalloped circle, oval and square are really popular right now among card makers. You can see a picture if you go to Joann.com. Have a great one!

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