February 6, 2008

I'm getting there...

*i wish...* {210/365}
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I think I may be getting a little better in the health department.

Today I actually got dressed and spent the day doing laundry. So tomorrow I am off to school. I really do want to finish everything up by next week.

I think I have mentioned that after the school portion, I then have a 4-week externship to get some on the job training. So, if you remember, I had mentioned that there may actually be a job opportunity for me (instead of an externship). Well today, we got word that the job opening has finally been posted and so I went online to apply. I really would LOVE to get this position but it looks like it will only be 48-hours per pay period. I cannot live on just 48-hours. :( I need to speak to my instructor about it only being a part-time position. I really don’t want to have to work 2 part-time jobs. Especially since they are so hard to find.

I have recently been dealing with friend issues and it is totally ticking me off and that sucks! It puts me in such a pissy mood and I HATE that!

You know the kind of “friend” that is basically your friend only until they meet someone more popular than you. Then they don’t seem to find the time to even say “hello” anymore. It’s something that I am trying hard not to let bother me, especially since I know this person never really liked me to begin with. But it still hurts. How sad is that?

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