February 14, 2008


*i hate...* {226/365}
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Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes. I cannot believe all the comments I got! You guys are way too sweet! :)

Today will be pretty nerve wracking. Did I spell that right? I woke up with a headache (of course) and in a couple of hours I have a phone interview for a job. Keep your fingers crossed please! I am getting pretty nervous about it since I am not feeling all that well.

As for the picture.... yesterday's theme was to show what you hate. If you want to know what I hate, click on the picture to find out.


  1. Not only did I miss your birthday - I didn't know you had a blog! I'm rubbish. Hope you had a wonderful day xx

  2. Good luck and Happy Birthday!

  3. Lis, you are not rubbish! How could you know I had a blog when I never shared it? :) Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    Thanks Stefanie. It is good to hear from you. I guess that means you are feeling better? I hope you are. I will need to go to your blog to see. :) Have you been to the new scrapbook store yet?

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