July 27, 2009


When I used to work technical support for a software company we were told never to ask the customer what the "problem" was. Problem was too negative. We were to ask our customers what the "issue" was. "Issue" was nicer, more positive, fixable.

Woke up on Sunday to a mysterious puddle of water covering the guest bathroom floor. Today it happened again but we were able to figure out where it was coming from. Yep. We need a plumber. Hopefully it won't cost us too much. Especially since we haven't even paid our first mortgage payment yet.

I didn't get much accomplished around the house this weekend. I have one of our neighbors to thank for that. We have discovered that our neighbors like to burn things. So there is smoke constantly coming from their yard. They are on the same side as our cooler (and bedroom window) so all the smoke gets pulled into our house. The house constantly smells like a campfire. The husband introduced himself to the guy today and found that they recently moved in themselves and they are renovating. I guess that is the cause of the smoke. I really don't know. It does not help to breathe in all this smoke on a daily basis. I have to say on Sunday it was pretty miserable here as they burned stuff four different times during the day.

Luckily I had some laundry to do and got to escape. I ended up at the most wonderful laundry mat. No coins are used (you buy a card). The attendant was so helpful and the place was clean. It was a bit overwhelming. LOL! I am so NOT used to that. Too bad I found a nice laundry mat now that I don't need one. Rumour has it that we will be getting our own washer and dryer a lot sooner than we thought. The in-laws purchased us a washer and dryer as a house warming gift. I can't wait!

Even with all the "issues" I really do like my new house. It already feels like home.

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  1. Looks like Cairo is enjoying exploring the new surroundings too!

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