July 31, 2009

officially clean

The puddle got worse.

I won't go into any detail but let's just say that I would not wish this on anyone.

The guest bathroom was a mess and water also started to come up under the tiles in our master bath. We finally got a plumber to come out to the house. $232.50 later we found that our plumbing problems are due to tree roots (thanks to our smokey neighbor's tree) and a piece of cloth. We need to get some additional work done and have the pipes cleaned out at least once a month. I guess it is THAT bad. At least now we can use our own facilities. Just in time too since we have family coming to visit next week. Seven women and a no working toilet would have been a disaster.

The plumber came on Wednesday so I left work early to meet him. After he left I then had the wonderful job of cleaning up the mess. I don't think I have ever used so much soap. Maybe I used a bit too much but at least I know it is clean. Since we had not been using this bathroom I had not yet cleaned or put out any rugs etc. I guess it was a good thing that I had not unpacked or put out any of the bathroom stuff. That way I did not have to worry about cleaning any of it. One point for procrastination.


  1. What a hassle. I'm glad you got it all taken care of!

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