June 9, 2012

Index card a day Nos. 5 and 6

My next two index cards are all about the crayons.

I decided to play with the neon/fluorescent colors first. When I was younger, I recall there only being one or two of these colors. Not so much the case now.

I found the neon/fluorescent crayons were quite waxy with very little color no matter how hard I pressed. Have the neon/fluorescent crayons always been this way? I seem to think maybe they were and maybe this is why they never lasted as long as the other crayons.

After I got my coloring on, I set the crayon with heat so that I could draw on it with a marker. Using heat melts the wax and only leaves the color behind on the paper. Makes it much easier to work with.

Tell me....How can you NOT love the crayons?

Index card a day No. 5
Supplies: crayons, Zig writer

Index card a day No. 6
Supplies: crayons, black ink, Stickles


  1. very nicly done....were can i find the other index cards.

    1. Thank you Blessed Ladybug.

      To answer your question about the other index cards.

      To see my other index cards go to My index cards.

      To see index cards from other people participating in the project go to the Flickr ICAD group.

      More info on the project can be found at Daisy Yellow.

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