September 28, 2012


*They call her, Fire Red*  {321/365}
Is this goodbye?

Wondering... if my cell phone won't charge does that mean I have to buy a new one? And if so, will I be able to afford 2 iPhones ('cause you know the husband will want one too).

Watching... The Secret Circle. Yeah....I have no excuse for this. I blame Netflix. But it has been the perfect show to watch while working on my current yarny projects.  

Working... on my online class. It is the VERY last one I have to complete. I have been doing this for years now and I think I am burned out. I just don't seem to be working very hard on it. Only 42 days left before the final exam.

Loving... the new vacuum cleaner that I bought today. It sucked up so much crap in the 5-minutes that I got to play with it. If it weren't for the husband watching television, I would totally vacuum the ENTIRE house right now.

Enjoying... the last 3 days of my vacation. It's back to work on Monday for me. 

Currently... the husband and me.


  1. 1st-my husband and I are the same way when it comes to phones, 2nd-hey I like that show, 3rd-i'm suppose to be doing school work but i'm writing on your blog lol and 4th-I hope you had a great vacation I know I need one :)

  2. Hi Erica.

    I am surprised that I really like The Secret Circle. CW shows are considered not for people in my age bracket so I watch them in secret. However, the husband has found out and the teasing has commenced.

    So far the vacation has been great. Thanks. :-)

  3. Ha, the Secret Circle! I think it was only my guilty pleasure :) Have a wonderful vacation :)

  4. Hehe... my husband and I are the same way with new phones - haven't gotten the iPhone 5... yet...
    New follower from the GFC hop! :)

  5. Hi Stefani, thanks for your lovely comment on my blanket.
    I'm hoping the mister gets a new iPhone and I can have his old one. I must be the only person on this planet without a mobile phone :)

    I totally get it about the thrill of a new vacuum cleaner.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation! x

  6. Thanks Lilla and YAY! for guilty pleasures. :-) I finished watching the show and now I need to find another. Any suggestions?

  7. Rebecca, I would LOVE to get an iPhone some day. For now I am stuck with the dumbphone. Lucky me got it to work again. :-(

  8. Don't worry Donna you are not the only one without a phone. The husband doesn't have one either. This is little red number is the only phone we have.

    My vacuum is awesome! I hope I always feel this way about it. :-)

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