January 12, 2014

2013: A year in photos

It's January, so that must mean it is time for my annual year in photos post.

2013 was a bit different when it came to photos. It was the first year that I had my iPod Touch camera. So that is where most of my photos for the year came from. The ease of downloading and sharing these photos, compared to the hassle of getting my computer to even recognize my DSLR, made the iPod Touch the best choice.

In January, I submitted my application for the CTR certification exam.

getting ready

In February, it snowed!! In the desert!!!!! Really, it did!

Stuck inside while this is going on outside.

March was super special. I passed the CTR certification exam! No more studying. No more worrying. I feel so grown up having letters that go after my name.

It's time. I'm out the door!

In April, I started using my new purse. It sounds silly but it was a pretty big deal for me. My Mom bought me this purse for my birthday in February and it took a couple of months to get myself used to the idea of using it. It is big and it is orange. It is so big that it needed a name. I call her BOP (Big Orange Purse).

I am finally using my new orange purse. It's so big that I keep bumping it into things. It's so big that I think it needs a name.

In May, it was Spring time in the desert. 

Yellow Palo Verde blossoms...signs of Spring in the desert.

By the time June came around, Spring was gone and Summer had arrived. And boy was it hot! We had over 10+ days of 100 degree temperatures (at least 40 days by the time the heat wave ended). 

One Saturday morning, I found myself awake early enough to watch the sunrise. Pretty big deal for a person who loves to sleep in. I am a huge fan  of the sunset but the sunrise sure is pretty too. I probably should try to catch the sunrise more often.

Good morning!

In July, I was back to watching the sunset. 

It was a beautiful sunset

Long August days meant that I got out of work while the sun was still up.

Thursday's clouds

In September, the husband and I took a vacation. We take one every year around this time. We didn't go anywhere. We just stayed home. For me, staying home is one of the best ways to spend a vacation.

My morning view

In October, the sun started setting a lot earlier which meant I missed a lot of sunsets. Sometimes though, I was lucky and left work just at the right time. The desert really does have the best sunsets!

The desert has the best sunsets

November was full of blue skies, rainy skies and whiny kitties. I worked a lot and got home way too late to catch the sunset or even the sun for that matter.

Someone has been a bit whiny today.

December was a busy month. I went to a baby shower, trained a new employee, got things ready for Christmas, took time off from work and then of course, there was the actual celebrating of Christmas. The last month of the year just flew by. By the time December was over, I was ready for a nap.

No matter how tiny the patch of sun, she will claim it

Well that was my year in a nutshell. I thought that 2013 was a pretty great year!

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  1. Wonderful photos and a great summary in photos. Congrats again on passing the CTR certification exam.

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