April 14, 2014

J is for Journal


*my notebook*   {315/365}

I have blogged before about what keeping a journal means to me.

Even though I prefer to write down my thoughts, lately I have been trying out some of the iPhone journaling apps that are currently available. My favorites are Day One and Momento. I love how I can add a photo to an entry and also include little extras like the weather or a little map of the places that I've been. It's all so neat and compact and modern and new, but for me it just doesn't compare to a handwritten paper journal.

Using different pens, the way my handwriting changes, adding little doodles, all of this is what makes a journal so personal to me. Much more personal than a mobile journal. Well at least for me. I feel that when I hand-write my words, my thoughts are more personal and there just seems to be more of them.

Do you keep a journal? What do you prefer, mobile app or written?


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  1. I keep a journal, but it's not really very personal. For years it's been more of a travel log. When the kids were little, it was where I wrote down their milestones (when I remembered). Now it sometimes gets used as a place to scribble out ideas about my writing, especially when I've been ruminating while away from home. But when we travel I like to add drawings and stuff, so it's a little better than boring :)
    Rebecca at The Ninja Librarian

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