February 21, 2005

I am so boring

I did absolutely nothing this past weekend but sit on my butt. B played his video game (Mercenaries) and I just lounged about. I did not even do anything crafty. I totally forgot about my yarn projects and although I tried to scrapbook, I just could not get any ideas down that I liked. I stayed away from the computer and either read or napped. I must be getting old as I find myself sleeping more often. My mom naps – not me. Napping is for babies and old people. My mom is old – not me. Well I guess I am getting up there in years and the napping time sounds so good now. LOL!

On Friday, B went to the movies with a friend to see a movie he wanted to see and I stayed home and watched a chick flick (yeah me time!). I watched First Daughter. I liked it but thought it was the same as Chasing Liberty. I did nothing on any of my projects.

Saturday was stormy with lightning, thunder and hail. Even though I have a surge protector, I always unplug everything having to do with my computer. I don’t know why I do that. I am such a scaredy cat.

B and I also watched Napoleon Dynamite and The Village. I was disappointed in Napoleon Dynamite and surprised B sat thru it. As for The Village……All I can say is that I loved it! B hates M. Night Shyamalan movies (except for Unbreakable) and so I watched it first by myself. I am so happy that I did. B has a habit of commenting during movies (at home only) that ticks me off. So I am glad I got to see the movie on my own so that I could enjoy it. I watched it again when he went out on Sunday for a couple of hours.

So now, it is Monday and it is back to the grind. I brought my knitting with me to work and I hope to work on it during my lunch break. Eventually I will finish one of my many projects. The guys I work with know that I taught myself to knit. Now whenever I wear a sweater they always ask me if I made it. One of these days, I hope to be able to say yes. I do find it funny though as they will usually bring up the subject and ask me about my progress.

Such is my boring life.

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