February 17, 2005

I miss the sun

I was able to go home an hour early yesterday. It was just an hour but what a difference an hour makes. The sun was still up and I had energy to do stuff (not that I did anything). I never see the sun. When I leave for work it is dark and when I get to work the sun is just coming up but you cannot see it yet – just the lightening of the sky. I work indoors all day without a window nearby. Since I am not a smoker I do not go outside during the day. I know that is not a good excuse but I very rarely take breaks and if I go outside, I feel as if I am slacking. When I leave work the sun is down and the sky gets darker as I drive home. When I get home, it is dark. When it is dark, I do not feel like I have much time to do much of anything so I basically just wind down. Working these long days is the only reason I do not like working 4 x 10’s. Other than that little reason I love my schedule. I work Monday – Thursday and have a 3 day weekend. Of course, I seem to spend one of those days just catching up on sleep. Today there is no sun. It is very overcast. It sure has been raining a lot lately. I am not used to all this water but I will take it when I can get it, as it will soon start to be in the 100’s. Moreover, when it gets that hot I find myself begging for it to rain.


Last night B made King Crab legs for dinner (he is now feeling better). They were the best and not just because we got them for $8.99 a pound!!!! Guess what I am having for dinner tonight? Yep! They were so cheap B got 2 pounds. I am still surprised that we had leftovers though they are one of our favorite things to eat.

It is slow again at work today. Since it is my “Friday” I am hoping I can go home early again. Only problem with that is I really need the money so I need to work the hours.

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