February 21, 2005

What would you do? I need help with a customer.

I need help with a customer. I am hoping you all can help me.

I have a home-based business. I have a new customer that wanted to purchase an item from me at the end of December. I got the product in stock that last week of December and she asked me to call her the first week of January after the holiday to arrange drop off. I did call her but had to leave messages for her, as she was not in. Each day I brought her product with me to work hoping to be able to drop it off. The 2nd week of January, I was home sick. She called me on a Saturday and DH told her I was in bed (way to go honey)! He said she was not too nice but I think this is just her and not the fact that I was in bed. She told DH that she wanted to know why I had not called her. I immediately called her back and told her that I had called her and left messages and told her who I left messages with. I found this weird as all other times I have called my phone number has appeared on her caller-id and she has always called back to find out who is calling her (she is new and does not recognize my name). She then mentioned that she had not been getting all of her messages. She then proceeded to tell me she still wanted the original product and also would be ordering something else but that she was going out of town and would call me when she got back. She clearly mentioned that she did NOT want me to call her. So here is my dilemma. It is now the end of February. I have not heard from this lady. I want to know if she still wants her original product or if I can sell it to someone else.

My problem is knowing how to contact her. Should I call her? Should I send her a card? What should I say? Should I mention that someone else is interested in the product (even though there is no one)? Should I mention that I was concerned she had tried to call me but due to issues with my phone, she did not get thru (again not true)? What is a nice way to contact this customer and get across to her that I still have her product? I don’t want to sound pushy. But yet it would be nice to get her the product she ordered.



  1. I would send a card (as long as you know the address is correct). The urge is to call, however if you were specifically told not to call then don't.

    Also, don't tell white lies. People either will see through the lie or won't believe you. Either way, you will lose.

    Send the card, say you will hold the product until x date. After that she needs to understand that it may not be available.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Thank you for the comment.

    I will probably just write a card as I am a wimp when it comes to calling. I just have to decide if I want to be firm or not. I think you may have something there with just sending a short note stating I will hold the product until a specific date.

    As for the 'white lies'. They really are not. The product is not wanted by another customer however it was borrowed by another consultant and is not really 'mine' I feel bad just having it sit in my house for 2 months. I would not tell my customer this so telling her that someone else wants it is not a bad thing as I don't want this customer to feel bad for not purchasing it yet and yet not let her know that I borrowed it in the first place. (ok that is a long run on sentence. LOL!)

    As for the phone there has been issues with the voice mail and so I really don't know if she has tried to contact me as I do not have caller-id.

    As you can see I don't want to lose this customer over this one sale and have to be careful on what I tell her as she is quite moody.

  3. looks to me like she doesn't really want that item... I can understand delaying a delivery over Christmas holidays, but not that long.

    And not wanting you to call sounds fishy to me. She shouldn't expect you to hold a product for her forever.

    I would just either call as a last hance, or forget about her all together. That's just simple business sense.

  4. Thank you AngelSan. I am kind of thinking she may not to buy from me either.

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