February 21, 2005

Mid-day review

It is now afternoon. This day is going slowly but not as slowly as last week. Lunch was not too exciting except for the 20 minutes where I got to work on my ribbed scarf. I do not know why it is taking me forever to finish this scarf. It is rarely cold enough to need one here in Arizona but lately we have had tons of winter storms, which one would think would motivate me to finish but I have been in a slump to work on anything lately.

I want to start working on some summer tunics/sweaters. Anyone have any ideas of something I can make? Luckily, with being in such a large building, it is usually kept cool. Well it is kept cool when I keep going to the thermostat and changing it from heat to cool. I do not know who keeps changing it but someone always manages to turn this place into a furnace in the afternoons. I would rather it be cold in here and not hot.

I am feeling pretty good today. I am wearing the new clothes my mom bought me for my birthday so I fell all pretty and grown-up. Leave it to my mom to choose colors I would never choose for myself. I love what she picked though and need to go back and find another pair of the pants she got me. Hey! When I find a pair that fits AND is comfy for everyday wear I need to stock up!

So basically, I am reading up on my favorite blogs (and some new ones) and trying to work in between (shhhhh don't tell anyone). I have 4 hours to go until I get to go home.

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