May 4, 2005

Blogging scrappers

Ever since I started my blog I searched for other scrapbookers out there who blogged. It is exciting to see more and more scrappers out there starting new blogs. I especially like it when they post their layouts. I have been part of many online message boards and layouts galleries like Scrapjazz and 2peas but with so many layouts posted I usually don't pay as close attention as when I have just one layout in front of me. I also find the personalization of the entries more interesting to me than just reading the message boards.

Oh Scrap!

My layouts are extremely simple (when I find the time to scrap that is). I really admire those that can make awesome layouts, such as this ONE I came across today. I love how it all fits together and how the letter overlaps the photo. Why am I so chicken to try that? And why if I were to try it - would I feel it not look as good?

Then there is my friend LAURA. She was pregnant with triplets and still found time to scrap! She has now had her triplets and she still finds time to scrap (oh and she is doing a separate album for each child!). It is just me, B and the 2 cats and I don't know if I will ever find the time to scrap and I am just working on our own album! LOL!

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  1. Hey thanks for mentioning me on your blog. I have to make time to scrap and it's the only thing that really relaxes me especially when the babies are driving me nuts all day because of teething. Now that I am blogging I have found it easier to scrap. Like last night I posted the photo of our first trip out alone and journaled it all there. Well this morning I made 3 pages in 45 minutes using my journaling from my blog and the pages were complete for each book. (yes for each kid). I now can go back to my blog and take all my journaling from there so my pages can be completed quicker. Thanks Stefani for showing me how to blog. I'd like to knit again but basically don't have the time so at least you are getting your crochet and knitting complete. If ever I catch up on my scrapping I'd like to pick up quilting/knitting again.

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